Instigator 3-Fingermitts - Adult

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Warmth level 4

Unmatched dexterity and warmth for alpine racing.

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • #Canadianthumbsup
  • Shell: Goat leather
  • Palm: Goat leather
  • Lining: Soft brushed Bemberg 100% Polyester
  • 3M™ Thinsulate™
  • Auclair-Dry®
  • Ski

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Josh S
Right/Left Gloves are different sizes

Bought XLs, the left glove fits well and the right glove is way smaller, can barely fit my hand in, rendering the gloves totally uncomfortable and pretty much useless. And I know my hands are not completely different sizes.

I ordered two different pairs of gloves from Auclair, thinking they would be good quality. The other pair is off too. Clearly Auclair has some pretty glaring quality control issues in their factories, wherever they are being made now.

Based on this experience, I would not recommend this brand to anyone.


They were warm, and felt durable. Likely this is a good product as I have had similar items from Auclair in the past and they are a reputable brand. However, this glove fell apart in about a month for me. The pads on the back came out and then the rest is history. It only happened on one glove making me believe that maybe I just had a faulty glove (the other glove seems to be going strong). I am a ski coach and I rely on having good clothing that functions well, and this did not meet my expectation given my experience with Auclair in the past.

Padded Protection

First time out with the instigators a boarder bailed into me. The end of the board smashed into my hand and the EVA padded protection took the entire blow saving me from what easily could have been a broken hand and the end of a ski trip.
In the end not even a sore hand just a bent pole and a good video. (Contact me for a copy)
(Send me an email and I send you the video)

Lightweight Hybrid Mitain-Glove

This Lightweight Hybrid Mitten-Glove is perfect to have the warmth of a mitten, but still be able to use your index's dexterity. I bought it to be able to shift gears on my fat bike. It is surprisingly light and supple.

chris leosis
Exceptional in the field

…great warm and durable product for ski patrol…exceeded my expectation…