Kids' Accessories

Keep the cold at bay with our kids' accessories collection, designed to provide essential warmth where it counts. From snug ski socks that stay put while racing down the slopes to balaclavas that protect against brisk winds, each piece is crafted with your child’s comfort in mind.


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Seger Alpine Snow Bear Socks - Junior, Black/BlueSeger Alpine Snow Bear Socks - Junior, Red/Grey
Sale price$5.99 USD Regular price$14.99 USD
Ponytrail Girls Balaclava - Junior-Auclair Sports-ONE-BLACK/PINK-Auclair SportsPonytrail Girls Balaclava - Junior-Auclair Sports-Auclair Sports
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Ski Eco Stellar Junior Socks-Socks-Auclair Sports-22/4-BRIGHT BLUE-Auclair SportsSki Eco Stellar Junior Socks-Socks-Auclair Sports-22/4-FUCHSIA-Auclair Sports
Sale price$23.99 USD Regular price$39.99 USD
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Ski Eco Junior Socks-Socks-Auclair Sports-25/7-BLACK-Auclair SportsSki Eco Junior Socks-Socks-Auclair Sports-25/7-ROYAL-Auclair Sports
Sale price$20.99 USD Regular price$34.99 USD
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Bandana - Junior-Auclair Sports-ONE-BLUE-Auclair SportsBandana - Junior-Auclair Sports-ONE-BLACK-Auclair Sports
Sale price$14.99 USD Regular price$29.99 USD