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Woman skier wearing Auclair winter gloves holding skis with a backdrop of snowy mountains, representing the Auclair collection.


Man adjusting Auclair winter gloves on a snowy mountain, showcasing the Auclair men's collection.


Young snowboarder carrying a snowboard and wearing Auclair gloves, geared up for a day on the slopes.


Gloves for the Brave Run

Crafted for precision and designed to withstand diverse conditions, they embody our commitment to excellence.

Snowboarder performing a sharp turn on a snowy slope under night lights, featuring Auclair's Powgirl glove collection

Warmth. Grip. Empowerment.

Experience the Power of POWGIRL

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Skier with Auclair gloves climbing a pristine snowy slope, preparing for a backcountry descent.

Hands lead the way in our world.

Born in the heart of Canada, where the cold isn't just a season but a way of life, we understand the call of the outdoors. We're committed to creating gloves that set the standard.

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