Auclair Pro Deals

Whether you're saving skiers or scaling peaks, we know you're out there making the outdoors awesome. To say thanks, we've got some exclusive Pro Deals just for you. Fill out the sign-up form to dive in. If your organization isn’t listed, no worries—speak with your supervisor or contact us directly, and we'll make sure you're all set up Gear up and keep doing what you do best—only with better gloves!

Pro Programs Guidelines

In order to receive the benefits of our exclusive Pro Program, these guidelines must be followed. Break them, and we might have to break up.(Your account could be terminated, but we know you're cooler than that.)

1. Members are limited to 2 transactions per calendar year. Choose wisely.

2. You cannot combine your Pro Program discount with other discounts or promotions.

3. Shopping, returning, or exchanging products must be done online, not in retail stores.

4. From time to time, we may request your thoughts on products through R&D surveys. We value your opinion!

5. Your discount is a special treat just for you! While we usually love to share, in this instance, your discount is a one-person party. Every order through the Pro Program gets a careful look-over.

6. Please don't resell our products. Let's keep things fair, deal?