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Discover our exclusive Staff Picks collection! Featuring top-rated winter gloves, mitts, and must-have accessories chosen by our team for their quality, style, and warmth.


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Snow Ops Fingermitts - Adult-Mitt-Auclair-XXS-BLACK/GOLD-Auclair SportsSnow Ops Mitts - Adult, Black/Gold
Sale price$29.40 USD Regular price$42.00 USD
A-Peak 2-in-1 Mitts - Women-Mitt-Auclair-S-BEIGE/BLACK-Auclair SportsA-Peak 2-in-1 Mitts - Women, Beige/Black
Sale price$135.00 USD
Wave Mitts - Women-Mitt-Auclair-S-BLACK/WHITE-Auclair SportsWave Mitts - Women, Black/White
Sale priceFrom $59.50 USD Regular price$85.00 USD
Outseam Mitts - Adult-Mitt-Auclair-XS-BLACK/BLACK-Auclair SportsOutseam Mitts - Adult-Mitt-Auclair Sports-Auclair Sports
Sale price$140.00 USD
Alpha Beta Gloves - Men-Glove-Auclair-XS-BLACK/COGNAC-Auclair SportsAlpha Beta Gloves - Men-Glove-Auclair Sports-Auclair Sports
Sale price$160.00 USD
Be Seen Cuff Mitts - Tots-Mitt-Auclair-2-3-BLACK/LUMITE/BLACK-Auclair SportsBe Seen Cuff Mitts - Tots-Mitt-Auclair-Auclair Sports
Sale price$35.00 USD
Khione Mitts - Women-Mitt-Auclair-S-PINK-Auclair SportsKhione Mitts - Women, Pink
Sale price$165.00 USD
Autumn Mitts - Women-Mitt-Auclair-S-CREAM-Auclair SportsAutumn Mitts - Women, Cream
Sale price$55.00 USD
VO2 Max Running Gloves - Adult-Glove-Auclair-XS-BLACK/REFLECTIVE-Auclair SportsVO2 Max Running Gloves - Adult, Black/Reflective
Sale price$60.00 USD
Heated Liners - Adult-Glove-Auclair-XS-BLACK-Auclair SportsHeated Liners - Adult, Black
Sale price$380.00 USD
Stormi Gloves - Women-Glove-Auclair-S-BLACK/WHITE-Auclair SportsStormi Gloves - Women, Black/White
Sale price$70.00 USD
Nordik Windstopper® Gloves - Adult-Glove-Auclair-XS-BLACK/BLACK/SILVER-Auclair SportsNordik Windstopper® Gloves - Adult, Black/Silver
Ascent Windstopper® Gloves - Adult-Glove-Auclair-XS-BLACK/BLACK-Auclair SportsAscent Windstopper® Gloves - Adult, Black
Ski Eco Plus Socks-Socks-Auclair-34/6-BLACK-Auclair SportsSki Eco Plus Socks-Socks-Auclair Sports-37/9-LIGHT GREY-Auclair Sports
Sale price$60.00 USD
Little Buddy Mitts - Tots-Glove-Auclair Sports-0-1-PINK-Auclair SportsLittle Buddy Mitts - Tots-Glove-Auclair Sports-Auclair Sports
Sale price$40.00 USD
Lady Boss Gloves - Women-Glove-Auclair-S-BLACK/BLACK-Auclair SportsLady Boss Gloves - Women-Glove-Auclair-Auclair Sports
Sale price$120.00 USD
Panorama Softshell Gloves - Men-Glove-Auclair-S-BLACK/BLACK-Auclair SportsPanorama Softshell Gloves - Men, Black
Kiva Fingermitts - Women-Mitt-Auclair-M-MUSTARD-Auclair SportsKiva Fingermitts - Women-Mitt-Auclair Sports-Auclair Sports
Sale price$55.00 USD
Mountain Ops 2 Gloves - Men-Mitt-Auclair-XS-BLACK/GOLD-Auclair SportsMountain Ops 2 Gloves - Men, Black/Gold
Sale price$80.00 USD
Auclair Hoodie - Adult-Auclair-Auclair SportsAuclair Hoodie - Adult-Auclair-Auclair Sports
Sale price$80.00 USD
Honeycomb Running Gloves - Men-Glove-Auclair-S-BLACK/BLACK/SILVER-Auclair SportsHoneycomb Running Gloves - Men, Black
Auclair 5 Panel Cap - Men-Auclair Sports-ONE-KHAKI-Auclair SportsAuclair 5 Panel Cap - Men-Auclair Sports-ONE-KHAKI-Auclair Sports
Sale price$34.99 USD
Ted Gloves - Men-Glove-Auclair-S-BLACK/COGNAC-Auclair SportsTed Gloves - Men, Black/Cognac
Sale price$70.00 USD
Aiden Gloves - Men-Glove-Auclair-S-COGNAC-Auclair SportsAiden Gloves - Men, Cognac
Sale price$65.00 USD