Junior Gloves & Mitts

Kids put their gloves through the wringer—it's a fact. That's why our kids gloves & mittens are built tough, ready to stand up to endless snowball fights and sledding sessions.These gloves come with all the must-haves to keep your kids' hands warm and dry from dawn till dusk. Simple, sturdy, and snug, they're just what little explorers need to keep the adventure going, no matter the weather.


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Skater Gloves - Junior, BlackSkater Gloves - Junior, Black
Sale price$54.99 USD
Race Force Fingermitts - Junior, White/BlackRace Force Fingermitts - Junior, White/Black
Save 50%
Instigator 3-Fingermitt - Junior, BlackInstigator 3-Fingermitt - Junior, Black
Sale price$69.99 USD Regular price$139.99 USD
Save 50%
Race Fusion Gloves - Junior, BlackRace Fusion Gloves - Junior, Black
Sale price$102.50 USD Regular price$204.99 USD
Son of T 4 Mitts - Junior, Black/BlackSon of T 4 Mitts - Junior, Black/Black
Sale price$119.99 USD
Breezy Mitts - Junior, BlackBreezy Mitts - Junior, Black
Sale price$39.99 USD
Little Duck Gloves - Junior-Glove-Auclair-S-BLACK/BLACK-Auclair SportsLittle Duck Gloves - Junior, Black
Sale price$64.99 USD
Brisk Lightweight Gloves - Junior, BlackBrisk Lightweight Gloves - Junior-Glove-Auclair-Auclair Sports
Sale price$31.99 USD
Sugarloaf 3.0 Mitts - Junior, Black/BlackSugarloaf 3.0 Mitts - Junior, Black/Black
Breezy Gloves - Junior, BlackBreezy Gloves - Junior, Black
Sale price$39.99 USD
Save 50%
Race Shield Gloves - Junior, BlackRace Shield Gloves - Junior, Black
Sale price$89.99 USD Regular price$179.99 USD
Save 40%
Ski Eco Stellar Junior Socks-Socks-Auclair Sports-22/4-BRIGHT BLUE-Auclair SportsSki Eco Stellar Junior Socks-Socks-Auclair Sports-22/4-FUCHSIA-Auclair Sports
Sale price$23.99 USD Regular price$39.99 USD
Save 70%
Alex Harvey Race Gloves - Junior-Auclair-S-BLACK/WHITE-Auclair SportsAlex Harvey Race Gloves - Junior-Auclair-Auclair Sports
Sale price$21.89 USD Regular price$72.99 USD
Parabolic Mitts - Junior, BlackParabolic Mitts - Junior, Black
Sale price$34.99 USD
Save 40%
Ski Eco Junior Socks-Socks-Auclair Sports-25/7-BLACK-Auclair SportsSki Eco Junior Socks-Socks-Auclair Sports-25/7-ROYAL-Auclair Sports
Sale price$20.99 USD Regular price$34.99 USD
Son of T 4 Gloves - Junior, Black/BlackSon of T 4 Gloves - Junior, Black/Black
Sale price$119.99 USD
Save 50%
Bandana - Junior-Auclair Sports-ONE-BLUE-Auclair SportsBandana - Junior-Auclair Sports-ONE-BLACK-Auclair Sports
Sale price$14.99 USD Regular price$29.99 USD