Born to perform, Canadian brand helping put athletes over the top

Inspired by the Canadian winter experience, the team at Auclair delivers on the high expectations that have been driving us since 1945.

Working with world class athletes provides Auclair the feedback and insight to constantly innovate materials, fit, and function.

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We were born in a land that was made for adventure. Where the great outdoors is more than an escape. It’s a calling. Where the world sees a mountain, we see black diamond trails. Where others see a forest, we see off-road bike paths and running tracks. The seasons in Canada can be tough. The terrain sometimes tests us. But no matter what nature throws at us, it can never keep us inside. When the gloves go on, it’s game on.

For us, victory isn’t about crossing the finish line first. It’s about finding your game—and playing your heart out. Giving up isn’t an option. Greatness has no peak. When adventure calls, we rise up. Because we were born to perform.

Auclair Sports

Your proudly Canadian brand is celebrating its 75th anniversary!

Over the last 75 years, Auclair has experienced a lifetimes’ worth of adventure, many victories on the world stage and even a few heartbreaking defeats. The pride of our Canadian heritage never wavering, knowing that warm and comfortable hands make the winter months that much more enjoyable.

Through all these years at Auclair, we have listened, learned and created. Never satisfied, knowing that we can always push harder and farther for positive change and deliver these new ideas to the marketplace. This is what drives us.

In our 75th year, we will launch several new collections, developed with the future in mind using socially and environmentally responsible sourcing and manufacturing methods. The only footprints we want to see are the ones we leave in the snow.

With renewed energy, we now look forward and strive to make the next 75 years a truly remarkable adventure.

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