knitted by the wind

We assume responsibility for our history and heritance

Today, we live in another world.

In just one generation, we've gone from candlelight , which could be blown out by the wind, to wind power that provides energy and blows life into our entire business

The insight that our planet is fragile. Knowledge about new opportunities. And the will to change.

This knowledge made our choice a given. Since early 2017, our entire factory has been operating with green wind power.

A choice as obvious as staying in Sweden.

We've been knitting hats & socks for more than 70 years

We have a treasure chest of pattern designs we used in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. And we like to reuse them.

And best of all, we use yarn that we still have in stock.

Anything left over gets used. We think this is the right way to use our resources.

The caps have their own label called LEFT OVER YARN - a good green buy label.

Knitted using 100% pure wind power from 100% recycled polyamide

Everything comes back, in one way or another. Just like one big circuit. That is why it is important to make conscious choices.

In our case, for example, our new Seger Sense products are made from waste from the textile industry, which would otherwise have just been thrown away.

Now those scraps have become high-tech eco friendly ski, running and hiking socks instead. All with phenomenal wear resistance and comfort.

Our goal has always been to create sustainable products that can withstand years of use

Our sustainability strategy continues, and we've increased the percentage of recycled yard in our products. Wind power continues to blow energy into our creative processes and knitting machines.

We also dug deeply into our yarn stash and resurrected old, leftover yarns that brought life into our caps whose designs - exactly like the yarn - have been warming bodies for quite some time. 

One way to reduce waste.



Bamlana is an ecological material made of bamboo fibers and merino wool. It is 100% natural and provides outstanding moisture transport, ventilation and thermoregulation. Furthermore, Bamlana is odor resistant, lightweight, soft and very comfortable to wear. Oeko-Tex approved.

Piumafil contains a mix of hand-picked cotton and natural Kapok. The combination gives a feeling of unique lightness and a remarkably mild and silky smooth product that leads moisture away from your body.

Gore-Tex Infinium is a very thin, lightweight membrane that provides total wind protection and excellent ventilation simultaneously. The membrane's micropore structure keeps cold wind out while allowing moisture to escape, keeping you dry, warm and comfortable.

Merino Sheep Wool is fine and silky soft. Its unique structure provides exceptionally high thermal insulation. This wool warms when it's cold and breathes when it's hot - thus enabling a constant body temperature . It has good moisture-wicking capabilities which facilitate a dry, comfortable feeling next to the skin.

Unlike other materials, merino wool warms even when damp. Creatine in the wool makes it naturally antibacterial and frees you from unpleasant odor in your socks

EXP 4.0 Wool is specially treated via a unique formula that contains fewer chemicals (e.g chlorine) and uses up to 50% less water than older treatmeans - to make wool that withstands machine washing and drying.

EXP 4.0 is the first wool treatment that meets these rigorous standards. Bluesign, Global Organic Textile and Oeko-Tex

Friction Relief has numerous advantages:

- Minimum friction compared with other fibers & solid materials. Even when socks are wet
- Wear-resistant & non-bobbling even when compared with polyamide
- Good resistant to chemicals
- Does not absorb water, dries quickly which reduces friction
- Repels oils. Easy to keep clean
- Flameproof. Used for fire brigade garments
- UV Resistant. 20-year guarantee on the surface structure of the material 
- Excellent colour fastness
- Resistant to biological fouling
- Antibacterial yarn
- Does not shrink during washing, tumble-drying, boiling or steaming

Dri-Release is a unique fabric that feels like cotton and keeps wearers comfortable, dry and odour-free. Made from a patented yarn with just a race of natural fibers.

Dri-Release combines the best of both qualities - it wicks moisture away from the skin and it's soft to the touch. A Freshguard treatment embedded in the yarn virtually eliminates odours.

The Compression Knitting in our socks enables increased pressure on the body tissue, which triggers faster blood flow from muscles back to the heart during rest and activity. Compression can press waste out of body tissue which contributes to faster recovery after training or competition

This makes for healthier muscles and reduces muscle soreness. Seger invested in its own compression lab to develop and refine compression sock functions.

Reco Nylon polyamide thread is one of the most eco friendly alternatives to classic yarn. Reco Nylon consists of 100% recycled material, made form waste from the textile industry.

The manufacture of Reco Nylon reduces, among other things, the use of resources, such as water, chemicals and energy consumption., by an average of 89% compared with the manufacture of ordinary polyamide. Socks made using Reco Nylon have a high level of comfort and are extremely durable.