Model Railroading Web Page
Development Fee Structure


$400 down payment for a web site normally consisting of:
     -a 4 part frame page with a banner, index, footer and 5-9 content pages,
        -Index/Intro page with customer supplied descriptive verbiage/narrative
                (MS/Word, rtf or txt format),
        -Map(s) page,
        -Schematic(s) page,
        -Pictures pages(1-5)-Normally one page per city/district,
    -up to 30 customer supplied pictures/drawings/Logos,
    -an optional permanent web site address i.e.
    Additional fees:
        -additional web pages based on content and complexity,
        -additional customer supplied pictures, drawings and art work,
        -for development of original pictures or art work,
        -for table development.

The customer is responsible for any ISP and web storage charges.
Any customer supplied pictures, drawings or art work must be legally licensed and/or developed by or for the customer.
Site copyright remains with Chuck Auclair.


Chuck Auclair, Web MeisteRR

Copyright ?Chuck Auclair, WebMeisteRR-1999-2001
Last modified: November 27, 2004

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