Charles D. (Chuck) Auclair, CDP, CPIM
2419 West Edgerton Avenue - Milwaukee, WI 53221


I am a Business and Data Analyst and Technologies Consultant who has served in a variety of positions over the +20 years that I’ve been in data processing; including DB2/DBA, AS/400 Security Officer, Project Leader, Senior Systems Analyst, Conversion Analyst, and Senior Programmer/Analyst. Through Data Processing Management Association (DPMA), I’ve earned Certificates in Data Processing (CDP) and Computer Programming (CCP), demonstrating my technical proficiency with any and all tools required to accomplish the assigned Projects and Business Goals.

I have performed these roles primarily in the Manufacturing, Distribution, Insurance and Health Care Industries, with a strong emphasis on Manufacturing. As an APICS member, I hold a Certificate in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM).

On numerous ERP implementations, I have analyzed the data requirements, recommended data access options and methodologies, implemented the data infrastructures and transferred legacy data as required, insuring data integrity and correctness. I have defined, developed and maintained the associated Data Dictionaries and have developed necessary data extractions, summaries and presentations (reports, screens and data streams) using Query Manager/400, DB2 SQL/400, PowerBuilder’s Infomaker and MS/Access via ODBC connections, using these Data Dictionaries. I’ve incorporated the data streams into standard encryption methodologies (primarily Tivoli?MARS-128), when necessary, to transfer Confidential or proprietary data; especially to external business partners.

As new development or systems enhancements have progressed, I’ve scheduled and implemented the appropriate tables, triggers, stored procedures and security requirements; as part of an Application Build Schedule. At my last client, I implemented a project to install a data warehousing system across several AS/400 and MS/SQL servers in a multi-tiered environment. We had to evaluate and test data-management and design tools, including Erwin and other ODBC interfaces, to accomplish this.

Over the duration of my career, I have also used many other tools and programming languages to accomplish the necessary objectives, including but not limited to COBOL (10+ years), RPG (15+ years), Visual Basic for Applications (5+ years), HTML (4+ years), Client Access/400 (6+ years), AS/400 utilities (SQL, DDS, CLP, DFU, RLU, SDA, Query/400), Hawkeye and Pro-Gen, a 4th Generation Case Tool.

Hardware & Software Skills Summary:

Midrange: (15 years) AS/400, IBM S/3X, Silicon Graphics, MAPICS through XA 4.0, CMAS, DMAS, AS400-DB2, DB2 SQL/400, COBOL, COBOL ILE, RPG 3, 4/400 LE, CLP, DDS, RLU, DBU, Query Manager/400, File Scope, APPC, APPN, SNA, Client Access 400-ODBC

Mainframe: (15 years) IBM 3XXX, 43XX, 9XXX, COPICS II, COBOL, RPG, PL/I, DOS-VSE, CICS, VM, BIM Edit

Workstation-P/C: (15 years) MS/Project, Erwin 3.5, Client/Server Networking with Multiple Servers, MS/Office 97/98/2000, MS/Access, MS/Excel, MS/Word, PowerBuilder’s Infomaker, Visual Basic for Applications, Visio, SQL, Internet/Intranet, Novell, Windows NT, LAN, WAN, ODBC, Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI

E-Business: (4 years) MS/Front Page, HTML, XML, CGI, PPP, SLIP, TCP/IP, FTP

Desktop Publishing: (5 years) Adobe Pagemaker, Photo Deluxe, Acrobat, Thumbs +, Ani-magic, Corel Draw, MS Word, HP Desk Scan, Canon Power-shot

Industries & Applications Summary:

Project Manager /Team Leader and Business / Systems / Data Analyst (DBA)
for Development and ERP Implementations and Conversions in the following Industries:

Manufacturing: (14 years) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Production Planning & Scheduling, Materials Requirements & Inventory Planning, Shop Floor Tracking, Inventory Management, Customer Order Processing & Billing, Job Costing, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Purchasing, General Ledger, Fixed Assets Tracking and Management

Distribution & Warehousing: (5 years) Order Processing, Purchasing, Sales Analysis, Inventory and Sales Pricing / Costing, Inventory and Sales Forecasting

Insurance: (5 years) Policy Sales and Services, Policy Management, Claims Processing, Actuarial Accounting, Unearned Premium Tracking / Forecasting

Hospital/Health Care: (3 years) Health Care Patient Records, Patient Billing, Staff Education Tracking & Reporting


Bachelor of Business Administration (MIS) program at University of Wisconsin, Madison-1978

Production and Inventory Management (CPIM),
Data Processing (CDP) and Computer Programming (CCP)
Associate Degree: U. S. A. F. Digital Computer & Radio Maintenance Technician


A.P.I.C.S. - American Productions Inventory Control Society Member
P. M. I. - Project Management Institute Member
W.M.C.P.A. - Wisconsin Midrange Computer Professional Association Member

Southeastern Wisconsin I/T Firm (Auclair & Associates, Inc.): President/Consultant; 1975-present

Manage a successful I/T Consulting firm for 20+ years. Provide Sales, Marketing and Consulting Services. Hire and manage up to 20 personnel on numerous accounts. Develop and implement major ERP initiatives. Provide marketing representative services for IBM in the manufacturing industry.

Consulting Clients By Industry:


International Rubber Manufacturer (Goodyear):
Senior Analyst/Consultant & Acting DBA;

Year 2000 Project, define and develop numerous program library inventory/tools for source to object and object to source reconciliation and clean up. Evaluate numerous tools for Y2K.
Environment: AS/400, OS/400 V3R2/R7, DB2, RLU, SDA, DDS, CL, Query 400, RPG II, RPG III, RPG/400, COBOL, CA/400, ADAMS. Hawkeye/Pathfinder Cross Reference Tool, DBU, Pro-Gen 4th Generation Case Tool, Windows/NT Workstations on Novell 4.01 Wide Area Network, Lotus Notes.

Manufacture of Carpet Cleaning Machines and Chemicals (Racine Industries, Inc.):
Business Analyst/Consultant, DBA, Acting DP manager;

Design, develop, customize, implement, & train clients in ERP II using numerous MAPICS applications, including Accounting (Payroll, Accounts Receivable, A/P and General Ledger), customer order processing, Shop Floor Control, Product Data Management (B.O.M. & Routings), Product Costing, Material Planning, Capacity Planning, Purchasing, custom Shipping System and custom Sales Analysis.
Environment: System/34, System/36, AS/400, DB2 DBA, MAPICS, MAPICS II, MAPICS/DB, OS/400, RLU, SDA, DDS, CL(P), Query, RPG II, RPG III, Token Ring, Ethernet, PC/DOS, PC Support, Peer To Peer Network.

International Manufacturer of Electrical Power Generators (GENERAC):
Business/Manufacturing Consultant, Acting DBA;

Install, implement and train customer staff in ERP II using the MAPICS Accounting (Payroll, Accounts Payable, A/R and G/L), Customer Order Processing, Product Data Management (B.O.M. & Routings), Product Costing.
Environment: AS/400, DB2, File Scope/400 MAPICS/400, RPG III and CLP and MARCAM Purchasing.

Expendable Tooling Manufacturing (Ladish):
Senior Business Analyst/Consultant;

Provide needs analysis, design, develop, implement, & train on a custom estimating, quotation, order processing, invoicing & shipments system. Recommend and install hardware and software as needed.
Environment: Windows/95, Windows/NT Server, MS-Access/97, MS-Office/97, MS-Outlook.

International Building Controls Manufacturer (Johnson Controls):
Sr. Analyst/Consultant;

Specify, design, develop and implement a customer reference tracking management system for the Intranet using R.A.D. Evaluate, integrate and clean numerous large customer education / training Data Warehouses and apply nine character (zip+4) postal codes.
Environment: Windows 3.11, Access 2.0, Access Basic, Word 6.0, Word Basic, Robo-Help, Ethernet, WAN, LAN, Novell 3.12, Sybase/SQL.

Manufacturer of CNC and DNC machines for Specialty Tool & Die applications (Larson Mfg):
Business/Manufacturing Consultant;

Convert unit record system to an ERP process using System/34 with MAPICS and then to System/36 with MAPICS II. Accounting (Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger), Customer Order Processing, Shop Floor Control, Product Data Management (B.O.M. & Routings), Product Costing, Material Planning.
Environment: System/36, MAPICS II, Stock Locator System and Purchasing.

National Manufacturer of Candy Products (Andies’ Candies):
Business/Manufacturing Consultant, DB2 DBA;

Install, Implement and Train customer staff on the MAPICS Accounting (Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger), Customer Order Processing, Shop Floor Control, Product Data Management (B.O.M. & Routings), Product Costing, Material Planning and custom Muti-Warehouse Distribution Planning.
Environment: System/38, MAPICS/38, DB2, RPG III and CLP38, GMD Asset Management and Purchasing.

International Manufacturer of Custom Automobiles (Excaliber):
Business/Manufacturing Consultant, DBA;

Install, implement and train customer staff on the MAPICS Accounting (Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger), Customer Order Processing, Shop Floor Control, Product Data Management (B.O.M. & Routings), Product Costing and Material Planning.
Environment: System/36, MAPICS II, SDA, OCL, Query and RPG II.

Farm Implements Sheet Metal Manufacturer (FAMCO):
Acting DP Manager and Developer;

Design, install and implement an ERP system consisting of Accounting (Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger), Customer Order Processing, Shop Floor Control, Product Data Management (B.O.M. & Routings) and Product Costing.
MAPICS and System/34.

National Manufacturer of Residential Doors (Morgan Doors):
Business/Manufacturing Consultant;

Install and implement COPICS Customer Order Processing, Shop Floor Control, Product Data Management (B.O.M. & Routings), Product Costing, Material Planning.
Environment: IBM 43XX, DOS/VSE, JCL, COPICS, CICS and DL/1.

International Manufacturer of Food Processing Equipment (CREPACO):
Manufacturing Analyst & Systems Designer;

Installing and implementing COPICS Customer Order Processing, Shop Floor Control, Product Data Management (B.O.M. & Routings), Product Costing, Data Collection and Material Requirements Planning.
Environment: IBM 370, MVS, Edgar COPICS, CICS, DL/I, PL/I and ISAM.

National Manufacturer of Radiant Ovens (Oregon Electrical):
Business/Manufacturing Consultant;

Install, customize and train customer departments on the MMAS package (Payroll, Accounts Payable, General Ledger & Job Costing, Bill of Material and Job Routings.
Environment: IBM System/32, MMAS.

International Manufacturer of Heavy Construction Equipment (Cutler/Hammer):

Design, install and implement an ERP system consisting of Plant Manufacturing Shop Floor Control and Data Collection.
Environment: System/3, RPG, GSORT and OCL.

National Manufacturer of Discrete Electronic Components (Globe Union):

Develop tape Bill Of Material explosion processing, Data Collection and Payroll.
Environment: Honeywell 2200 and 4200, COBOL, Honeywell JCL.


Regional Warehousing & Distribution Pharmaceuticals Firm (F. Dohmen Co.):
Senior Business Analyst/Consultant, acting DBA;

Convert the mainframe Legacy Systems to multiple AS400’s. Implement an ERP approach to conversion, by developing numerous interfaces to several "Turnkey" Packages (Accounting, Purchasing and Warehousing). Develop programs necessary for file conversion. Design, develop and assist in the redesign of the flat and VSAM files to DB2 databases using Erwin 3.5. Use Access/98 as a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool to design and specify new Client/Server mission critical applications and supporting databases. Transfer the developed Access/98 Visual Basic projects, forms and reports to the Visual Basic development programmers, using a new Access/98 add-in.
Environment: IBM 4300, AS/400, DB2, RPG 3, RPG 400, COBOL, COBOL ILE, COBOL SQL, File Scope/400, Windows/95, Windows/98, Windows/NT, Erwin, Visio, MS/Project, MS-Office/98 Professional and MSOutlook/98.

International Distributor of Food Processing Pumps and Tubing (Alfa Laval):
DBA, Business Analyst/Consultant;

Provide needs analysis and definitions and develop proprietary custom Order Processing, Purchasing, Budgeting and Accounting systems. Train clients and maintain additions and enhancements. Design & develop report writer solutions in Visual Basic for international shipping and U. S. Customs documents.
Environment: System/36 & AS/400, DB2 DBA, Novell 3.12 LAN, PC Support, ODBC, RPG II, RPG III, RPG/400, DDS, SQL, CL(P), OCL, Query, System /36 Emulation.

Distributor of Carpet and Furniture Cleaning Machines and Chemicals (Von Schrader):
Acting DP Manager;

Design, develop, customize, implement, & train customer staff on the MAPICS Accounting (Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger), customer order processing, custom sales analysis, sales management and business budgeting, custom lead tracking system.
Environment: System/36, AS/400, DB2, MAPICS II, System/36 Emulation, Token Ring, Ethernet, PC/DOS, PC Support, MS/DOS, MS/Windows, Open Access/RDB.


Life and Health Insurance Company (Time Insurance):
Senior Programmer Analyst;

Design, develop and implement a Policy Services system for a new line of Health Insurance products. Develop Actuarial tools for spreadsheet analysis. Establish Claim Processing procedures and legacy system interfaces for the new Health product line.
Environment: IBM 3XXX, DOS/VSE, COBOL, CICS, DL/1

Title Insurance Company (Chicago Title):
Senior Programmer Analyst;

Develop Data Entry Screens and Tables of Valuation by Zip Code with Inflation Adjustments.
Environment: IBM 3XXX, DOS/VSE, COBOL, CICS, DL/1

Mortgage Insurance Company (Verex):
Programmer Analyst;

Develop Policy Services, Unearned Premium Accounting and Claims Tracking Systems.
Environment: IBM 370’s, DOS/VSE, COBOL, CICS, DL/1

Hospital / Health Care:

Small Community Hospital (St. Francis Hospital):
Senior Programmer/Analyst & Consultant;

Design and develop a system for tracking of Medical Staff educational records and Continuing Education Credits and courses. Upgrade Networks and workstations as needed.
Novell 2.xx – 3.xx, MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Open Access 2, 3 & 4 Relational D.B.

Regional Medical Center (Howard Young Medical Center):
Programmer/Analyst & Consultant;

Develop Patient Records, Patient Billings and Hospital Inventory Management Systems.
Environment: Data General, COBOL